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About the comic:

What is Billy the bad luck kid about?

Billy the bad luck kid is a webcomic  about the life and adventures of Billy, an optimistic kid with a peculiar “luck”.




As much as it is like a comedy webcomic it is also about other things, Billy’s life is more than him being attacked by his bad luck you know.


The comic will sometimes be about his friends and their lives too, after all they are important to Billy too.



So at times the comic will not be that funny and I apologize for that, but I will try to leave things as lighthearted as I can.



I hope you enjoy the comic, thank you for taking your time to read it



About the person that is making this comic:

This comic is made by Oruguín, currently a graphic design student.


Oruguín lives somewhere in México and enjoys making comics, currently she is doing a webcomic about a kid with bad luck named Billy, maybe you have heard about it.

You can contact Oruguín about the comic in here: